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Ticket Machines

PRESTO 600 Pay & Display Machine

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Presto 600, the most discreet solar powered Pay and Display terminal

  • Implement an environmentally friendly solution in parking
  • Free your pavements using the less bulky parking meter
  • Reduce your costs thanks to an exceptional and proven reliability
  • Remain free for your future choices and owner of your solution


Main characteristics

  • Compact painted stainless steel casing 
    (200 x 210 x 1645 mm)
  • Mains powered 230V or solar cell powered
  • Takes coins, tokens and chip cards
  • Handles the most sophisticated tariff schemes
  • Optionally fitted with GSM/GPRS data communication
  • Integrated solar cell panel
  • All features handled by a single highly integrated electronic board
  • Highly secure internal floating case
  • P600 Factsheet




PRESTO 1000 Pay & Display Monitoring Software

The PRESTO 1000 PAY & Display Monitoring Software allows you, among other things, to set parking meter parameters by remote control, to look up sales statistics, monitor and display real time alerts, provide financial reports enabling optimisation for profitability of the installed base




Software functions
  • "Dashboard" home page
  • Current alerts: technical, financial and operational
  • Financial reports (collections, status of cash stocks, cards)
  • Other reports (statistics, alerts, technical data, agents’ checks)
  • Export of data into Excel®
  • Detailed transaction logs
  • Charge rate and alert editor
  • Management of access rights
General specifications
  • Windows/Linux server
  • Web architecture (client/server)
  • Access to the data via an ordinary internet browser
  • Wireless communications via GSM/GPRS with the parking meters
  • Real-time transmission by email and SMS of the new alerts
  • Daily backup of the database
  • Client hosting provided by Island Group
  • GPS Plotting of base locations
  • P1000 Factsheet