Parking Management Systems

ParkSmart Technology

ParkSmart has been designed to use the various functionalities within modern phones to be developed as both a Parking Enforcement App when combined with a mobile printer.

The ability to simplify and reduce the implementation costs of any parking operation.

Allowing for both an easier and more diverse functionality for both Operators and the consumer.

These elements are combined with a robust Back Office that provides a complete end to end Progression system, as well Virtual Permits and a varied Client Reporting Portfolio including:

  • Housing Organisations
  • Hospitals
  • Educational Sites


We understand it is not easy in the present climate, to enforce car parking regulations on site.

However, Island HUB help many clients to do this successfully and discreetly with the use of the ParkSmart technology. We work behind the scenes to ensure the smooth day to day running of your sites and estates.

Our service commences with the issue of permits and or when you issue an enforcement notice. Island Group offer a full back office system to be used in conjunction with the client.

We administrate, talk direct to the motorist and collect and manage the charges under strict client instructions.

The Civil enforcement System is ticket based, user friendly, effective and legal.

Island HUB have taken a totally holistic view on the administration concerning civil contravention notices. To the best of our belief we are unique in this offering. Our service is modular which means that a client can take advantage of a total solution or specific modules depending on their needs.

Our Services include:


1.Site Survey

It is crucial that your site is adequately and legally signed and marked out to allow a civil action to become enforceable.

A qualified member of the Island HUB team will arrange with you to visit your site and provide you with a written survey recommending the layout and position of signs and lines.


2. Parking Policy

You decide when you wish to enforce a civil parking notice.

Island HUB will work with you to achieve a parking policy on your site or estate that you are happy with.


3. Parking Charge Notice (PCN) Product Pack

Island HUB provide a complete product pack incorporating signs, tickets, warning notices, permits and ticket bags.

If required, the pack can be made bespoke according to your specific needs, our team will be happy to discuss this with you.

Tickets are enforced according to the pre-agreed parking policy.


4. ANPR System (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)

This is an optional feature of the system and is usually for larger sites.

The Call Centre at Island HUB logs the arrival and departure of vehicles through the ANPR cameras on site.

The system will show which cars are issued with permits and also, if required, detect undesirable visitors, automatically generating a postal Parking Charge Notice where necessary.


5. Car Park Management Services

If you wish to enforce yourselves, you can do, our full training and product packs will enable you to legally enforce on your site.

Island HUB has strong relationships and vast experience in working with many of the large enforcement contractors.

If required, we will arrange for a local Accredited approved contractor to enforce on your behalf.

These contractors will provide uniformed, CEO’s (Civil Enforcement Officers), who will patrol your site or estate and issue tickets when necessary.


6. Back Office Management System

Once the ticket has been issued, our Back Office Management System administrates the complete system for you.

We are the first point of contact with the motorist, normally through our call centre. Our skilled staff communicates on your behalf through our software agent, with the DVLA and we log and reply to all the correspondence.

We offer a web enabled system which provides a “HUB” for use by the motorist to access parking ticket information.

The motorist can pay on the internet, challenge tickets or make formal representations online and communicate with us by email.

The motorist can view their ticket details on the web, examine photographs taken at the time of issue and pay charges on the web, the likelihood that a notice will be paid unchallenged is increased.

There are clear advantages of convenience for the motorist, in particular the fact that the online services are available at all times and from anywhere which has internet access.