Asset Management

Asset Management

As specialists in facilities management we at Island Group are constantly improving the organisation and efficiency of our process

With the use of the new bespoke CAT (Client Asset Tracker) software suite developed in house by our specialised software development team, Island Group has improved in these areas along with greater levels of accessibility for our clients; giving them access to a database of their assets and information on work done on these assets


What is it?

The CAT software suite is comprised of three pieces of software and a secure database to contain all asset and job information

How does it do it?

The three pieces of software communicate to the database by a local office network or over the internet

The PDA based CAT communicates over a mobile network using GPRS technology

CAT Online is accessible from anywhere around the world and is compatible with most popular web browsers

Why does it do it?

The CAT software suite has been developed with customer focus in mind, giving you access to all necessary information whenever/wherever it is needed

This is not only to help us be more organised and efficient but to also help you keep on top of a sometimes overbearing load of assets

CAT Client

Used by our office staff to schedule and monitor work to be undertaken for you by our engineers

This software is also used to track all assers managed by us and can be quickly queried to answer any questions you may have


Once the asset has been barcoded by Island Group it is then scanned and either added to the database or, if already on the system, is allocated to the job that the engineer is working on.

The engineer can take various readings and notes relating to that asset and the job and save them directly to the database. These changes are immediately viewable by the CAT Client or CAT Online.

CAT Online

A web based version of the CAT software that allows access to tracking by contracting clients. Using the latest .net technology, CAT online brings greater accessibility to your asset data contained on our servers and also offers export functionality to export your data in several different formats for either your own records or reference