Our Approach

We are absolutely and totally committed to making every project a success

Our Approach

Customer service excellence

Island Group understands what drives customer satisfaction and uses our knowledge to challenge management thinking and inspire people to enjoy delivering excellent service.

We recognise that no customer service strategy will be successful unless it has the full commitment of everyone in the company. Gaining the support of senior and middle managers who feel they have other pressing priorities can be tough. We work with managers to engage them in developing a service vision and creating the process improvements and behavioural change necessary to deliver that vision. This can be through events, coaching, mentoring or training.

Engaging staff

What matters most to customers and has the greatest impact on customer satisfaction, is the way they are treated by the people they come into contact with. Everyone in an organisation has the power to create or lose a customer for life.

We believe in engaging our front line staff in defining what customer service should be like and developing solutions. Most of our clients are surprised by the depth of understanding staff display about what is important to customers, what operational difficulties get in the way of service delivery and what improvements can be made. It's impossible to monitor every single interaction between staff and customers - so you have to motivate staff to deliver brilliant service. Our techniques do just that.

Continuous improvement

We are not interested in quick fixes. We believe that service improvements must be sustainable and there is always opportunity to make customer experience even better. We have developed measurement techniques that track progress, provide feedback to managers and front line staff and identify areas for improvement.

Transferring skills

We enjoy being part of our clients organisation while we are working on a project. But the only way to make a permanent difference is to provide our staff with the tools to continue to improve customer service. We train staff in measurement and feedback techniques. As far as possible we believe in transferring skills and knowledge so that staff are equipped to make improving customer service a continuous process.

Personal commitment

We know that relationships matter, you can be sure that those you meet will be the people who will work with you throughout the project