Core Values

Core Values

Island Group brings with it a vast amount of experience which acts as a one stop shop for your facilities maintenance needs

Our service delivery strategy represents a set of business driven choices about how services will be delivered to customers, these choices allow us to provide a service delivery strategy centered on making organisations more customer-centric. In its simplest form, Island Group has traditionally arranged its service delivery around its own organisational structure alongside the needs of the individual

The five principles that underpin service delivery in Island Group are:

  1. Maintain and implement a service design and delivery strategy which improves the quality of public services, creates significant take-up by electronic channels and results in cost savings.

  2. Design and deliver all services on a multi-channel basis, using research about customer needs, access and usability requirements.

  3. Design and deliver services according to Island Group service standards.

  4. Set targets for, measure and manage customer usage of and satisfaction with the service.

  5. Construct and implement innovative processes by which the end user may gain increased efficiency and productivity.

Island Group also proposes to introduce a tracking system to its vehicles. The implementation of this solution will allow the company to monitor the use of its vehicles in real-time to improve the efficiency of its service operation through enhanced fleet visibility. The deployment of online surveillance, and the use of real-time data, will help Island Group to provide its customers with a more efficient tracking process.